re:Think Learn

Comprehensive modular multimedia lectures and quizzes

Different. Analytical. To-the-point.

Radically Different Online Learning Solution

re:Think Learn lectures make all these lessons interesting. The segments are short so that the attention span is optimally utilized. They are interesting and to the point and drive home the concept. The approach changes drastically from subject to subject. Even two lectures of the same textbook do not follow the exact same style. That keeps it interesting and exciting.

For Parents

re:Think Learn is an online learning solution that has been designed after studying the busy schedule of parents and children. Children have to assimilate so much information and have so much extra knowledge in a very limited time in school. Additionally, the subject is not always made interesting enough. Also, parents are quite busy and don’t really have the time to teach things again at home.

For Teachers

re:Think Learn eases the repetitive nature of teaching. It takes away the drudgery of correcting objective questions of students. Not only that, it offers excellent feedback on the progress of the students in the class, as tests taken are repetitive and short. Students shine in competitive exams, as enough practice has been taken with the quizzes. The overall understanding of the children goes up, and they start to think – which is the dream of any teacher and management.

Better understanding leads to better performance, confidence and an interest in learning. Parents and management are also in the loop about what their children are up to. In addition to the lectures there are a lot of short quiz modules which help the child practice and be ready for all formats of testing too.