No matter what

This is the mission that binds the team together at re:Think Learning to create a strong program that delivers an enriched, vibrant and balanced educational experience for all students. We ensure academic quality in schools – anyway, anywhere, anytime.

A schooling system that has evolved with time, experience and expertise

We solve all school related problems of academic and teaching quality, school bags, all round development, nutrition and fitness with detailed planning, elegance and simplicity.

Turnkey solutions for schools

Our unique offering – consultancy for radical and modern concepts to create an ideal schooling system. Available for upcoming, new and existing schools.

Teacher assistant material

Period-wise details, digital media, worksheets and CCE compliant personalized reports help the teacher deliver excellent content in the classroom.

Worksheets and media

Classroom and extra practice sheets for home, for every subject and every class. Made with effective and modern pedagogic concepts.

e-Learning initiative

Rich, interactive, thought-provoking modules and challenging questions. Internet and Offline delivery options available.


With loads of schooling experience behind us, we consult interested parties to start schools. We do this as a turnkey project, or even help rejuvenate existing schools.


We incorporate flipped classrooms, collaborative teaching and differential learning in the school ethos itself. This gets a very unique culture in the school, which differentiates it right from Day One.


Optimized timetables, designs for subject specific classrooms. A different philosophy for the school to deliver an educational experience worthy of the 21st century.


We keep the teacher the face of the team. The teacher is always delivering excellent lessons in the classroom.


The teacher is given lesson plans, digital media, class sheets, home sheets, personal reports all created keeping the teaching period as a unit, with common goals.


The teacher gets regular training each week through the tablet in 10 minute video bursts so that, it is very effective and not boring for her either.


Handouts for students. Correct questions instead of a lot of questions. Questions for analytical thinking. Can be used as workbooks.


Variety of questions that can be answered quickly. Interesting puzzles, thought provoking arguments. Sheets can be collected and completed even if absent.


Touch reporting mechanisms. Daily updates. Examinations, evaluations and reporting content and guidelines. Multimedia modules and quizzes for every lesson and every classroom period.


We are an energetic group of sparks!


We know you want to know more

We’re based in a cozy office on Prabhat Road. In case you want to tell us something, instead of hearing us talk, get in touch!

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