Complete day boarding.

Students spend a majority of time in our schools. Hence our schools are complete day boarding. A typical school day is for 8 hours from the 3rd standard onward.

No schoolbag. No homework.

There are no school bags. So no back problems and no forgetting books. This obviously means, there is no homework! Really. Home time is revision time, and family bonding time. How do we do this? With creative thinking! We found out what the students usually have to carry and eliminated the need to carry those things through careful planning. Academics, Sports, nutritious meals, Activities all are taken care of gracefully.

Flipped classrooms.

First schooling system in India to implement the flipped classroom concept for collaborative learning – that is what helps our children understand concepts better and communicate clearly.

Subject-wise classrooms.

Subject-wise classrooms help not only in optimization of infrastructure required, but also help in creation of an atmosphere for that subject. Children get a break between every period, and teachers get to think patiently in their own classrooms.

Feedback and remedial action.

Being bag-less does not mean parents are in the dark about what the child is learning in school. Daily reports and sheets which students take back help parents be in touch with what their child is doing in the school, and ask relevant questions to make sure that their child has understood concepts. It’s also a great way for immediate feedback and remedial action.

Teacher assistance.

Teachers are enabled to teach effectively using hands on assistance material. Technology enables them to do away with repetitive laborious tasks and frees up a lot of time for focusing on thinking about pedagogy.

Nutritious meals in school.

Nutritious meals are provided in our schools. That takes away the hassle of packing daily tiffin and encourages healthy eating habits and table manners in children.

Structured curriculum for all subjects.

Structured curriculums for art, craft, music, dance and drama. The idea behind having a structure for these is profound.

Sports equipment provided in the school.

Sports equipment is provided in the schools too. We make sure that each child gets quality equipment and coaching in sports.

Math lab, science lab, language lab.

Math lab, science lab, language lab right from Std. 1 to Std. 10. Wait, Std. 1? Yes. We are all about children learning to use their head and hands. These activities are tightly integrated into the classroom, so as to bring uniformity in the approach.

Computers as repetitive teaching and testing devices.

Computers as repetitive teaching and testing devices. Ever heard of a computer say “Ah, I’m too bored to play your Star Trek version of let it snow again and again…” Never. Right? That’s why we set up the computer to do just that. Show immensely immersive learning material to children, repeatedly, till they understand. How do we know that they’ve understood? Through our brilliant quizzing platform. Oh, and we couldn’t ignore the core competency of teaching logical thinking through computers – programming! We use Scratch for that.

Why day-boarding? Why not fully residential?

Here’s why

  • We talk only of The re:Think Day Boarding System, which is the only complete day-boarding solution. We do not endorse other half-baked day-boarding concepts.
  • based on a wide average. Some exceptions might exist, but with a small feature set.
  • If you see, we have chosen the best of all the worlds to create an ideal concept. Children get the education, they get the health, and they get exposure to a ton of things – all to make sure that they have a bright future.